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Introduction to PMTS (Project Tracking System)

y default each user can configure your own dashboard. Administrator, using Common Reports, can prepare dashboard for whole user group.

Custom Text

Administrator can prepare own description on dashboard for each user group. Read more.

Standard Reports

To add your reports on dashboard, just click on Configure Dashboard menu and drag reports in Dashboard box.


Using Sections  you can split dashboard into two columns.

Also Sections allows you display special reports, such as: ChartsDiagramsCalendars etc.


Standard reports can be displayed as counters. In report setting you can find more configuration for counter.

Header Menu

Reports in Header Menu displays as counter and they displays on every pages.

By clicking on counter you will see popup with records.

Multiple Dashboards

Using Reports Groups you can create several dashboards with own reports. If you set option “In Dashboard” for report group, then it will be displays as Tab and you can easy switch between reports.

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