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How to Get M-PESA Keys

**** Assumptions. -You have a paybill number, if not apply for one from Safaricom
Step 1:
 Login in to MPESA Portal and create a WEB and API users
If you don’t have access to MPESA portal (you need a certificate from Safaricom and an admin account created by Safaricom to access the portal)
use the attached document (MPESA Business Admin account activation request) to apply for an admin account. Fill it, sign it and stamp and send it to
As I said, to access the MPESA portal you need a certificate, to get one, send a blank email to , they will send you a link and instructions
Once you have been given access to the portal and you have your mpesa certificate installed, login and create 2 users (Web and API )
To create the users, go to BROWSE ORGANIZATION >> OPERATORS >> ADD NEW >> Select API >> CHoose Web Profile >>> Select all Roles apart from Auditor >> fill in the form and submit
do the same thing for WEB user , when creating web user you will receive username and password, make sure to login so as to activate the user
Login to , click on GOLIVE , upload the attached excel document for testcases, >>> choose SHORTCODE as verification method, enter your paybill number, your company name and the WEB USER you created in step 1 above. >>>>>> select all the products and enter the OTP code that will be sent to your phone then submit
Popuplate the attached MPESA GoLIve document with the app name you just created in STEP 2 above, sign it, stamp it and send to
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