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How to Customise Your Dashboard Layout

When you first add new widgets to your dashboard, they might not be in the most logical order. Additionally, some widgets inherently work better at a smaller or larger size. This is where customising the layout of your dashboard comes into play.

Change the number of columns on your dashboard

While on your dashboard page, click the Dashboard button. This will bring up the dashboard menu where you will see a Manage dashboard section at the bottom. Within this section, there is a change dashboard layout button which allows you to alter the number and width of columns on the page. You can have anywhere between one and four columns of varying widths. It is generally easier to choose a layout after you have selected your dashboards widgets, so you know how much space you need for each.

Change Dashboard Layout

How to reorder and move widgets within your dashboard

After you have selected a layout, you can simply move things around with your mouse via drag and drop. Simply hover your mouse over the top part of the widget until the crosshair icon Crosshair Icon appears as shown below. Then click and hold your mouse whilst moving the widget into the desired position.

Reorder Matomo Widgets

Removing, Renaming and Resetting a Dashboard

Also within the Manage dashboard section of the Dashboard menu, you will find several options for the dashboard you are working with. The settings are all fairly self-explanatory.

  • You can click remove dashboard to get rid of the current dashboard you are viewing. It is not possible to delete the default dashboard, but you can remove any other dashboards you no longer need.
  • There is a reset dashboard link which removes all widgets from the current dashboard and replaces them with the default configuration so you can start again.
  • You can also use the rename dashboard link to customise the label shown in the Main Navigation. Setting descriptive names for your dashboards makes it easier to navigate between them.

If you are a super user, then you will also see the set as the default widgets selection link which allows you to curate the default selection of widgets for any new websites or users of your Matomo instance.

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