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How to Manage Existing Widgets

To manage existing widgets within your dashboard: hover your mouse above the top right of the widget card to bring up the Widget Menu.

Within this menu, you will see four icons. From left to right, these are:

  • Refresh Refresh Icon – This updates the widget data with any changes since it was loaded. This can be especially helpful when testing and analysing with real-time activity on the website.
  • Minimise Minimise Icon – This temporarily hides the data in the widget, which can be helpful if you have lots of widgets on a page, or certain data that does not need to be checked frequently.
  • Maximise Maximise Icon – There are two potential actions when clicking on this icon. If the widget is currently minimised so you cannot see any data, then it will return to its normal size. If the widget is already at normal size, then clicking this icon loads a popup containing a larger version of the data. Maximised widgets can make data within certain graphs easier to read.
  • Close Close Icon – This completely deletes the widget from your dashboard. You should only use it if you are not interested in seeing that widget on the dashboard again. If you want to see it later, you will need to re-add the widget to your dashboard.
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